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Terms and conditions (hereinafter Yay!) is a valet parking service that provides an affordable, easy and practical way to park your vehicle when travelling by plane. Yay! picks up and returns your car at the airport terminal door you choose, without the need to pay cash and without wasting time or transfers. We also offer additional services to enhance your user experience.

1. Purpose

This document establishes the General Terms and Conditions of Engagement that regulate the provision of the services offered by Yay! both through the mobile app and the website (hereinafter, the "Platform").

To engage any of our Services, you must do so through the Platform by following the steps indicated, which implies the express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Engagement, being as valid as the express signature of an agreement. We remind you that in order to engage our services you must be of legal age (≥ eighteen (18) years old) and have sufficient capacity to acquire the obligations arising from your actions on the Platform. You must also have previously read this document and understand its contents.

2. Prior information

These Terms and Conditions of Engagement are freely available to you on the Platform, and we reserve the right to modify them, so we recommend that each time you engage our services you access the document to read its contents before accepting them.

All the services that we market are perfectly described in the Platform and are at your disposal, not including services that are not expressly indicated therein.

Simply browsing the website or the app does not imply that you accept these Terms and Conditions of Engagement. This agreement is formalised with your consent, when you tick the box "I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Engagement" just before completing the steps determined by the Platform to engage our Services.

Appropriate and sufficient technical means will be introduced to identify and correct possible technical errors detected in the processing of information.

You will be able to process the engagement procedure in the language of your choice from those contemplated on the platform, and this agreement will be formalised in the language you have chosen.

3. Operation of the service

Yay! offers you the service of collection, parking and delivery of your vehicle, as well as other additional services stated on the Platform, which can be engaged on the Platform.

The collection of your vehicle will be carried out by a professional hired for this purpose by Yay! (hereinafter referred to as the "Driver"), who will collect and return your vehicle. During this process Yay! will keep your vehicle in its custody and will make every effort to provide a diligent and adequate service.

3.1. Engagement procedure

If you wish to hire the services of Yay! you must follow and complete the steps set forth on the Platform. To do so, you need to provide us with the necessary data, all you have to do is select the specific services you wish to engage and continue following the steps. When you complete the engagement process, you will receive an email confirming the operation.

When you register as a Yay! User, you accept that your User account is personal and non-transferable, and that you are the owner of it, and that you must protect it by means of a password that you must generate as a User, in accordance with the rules of robustness and complexity we set forth.

As a User, you can change your password at any time.

The password you generate will be valid for an unlimited period of time, and you, as the User of the account, undertake to make diligent use of it, keeping it secret and not communicating it to any third party. You are not allowed to share your User account with other people.

3.2. Reservation of the Service

To contract our services you must Book the Service; the booking will be accepted up to 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up time. You can cancel and modify the booking. The cancellation will be valid if you make it before the start of the service.

If your stay exceeds the time initially stated in your booking, the excess will be charged per minute up to the maximum daily amount, which varies per airport. You can find this maximum amount in the “Additional information” section of your booking confirmation email.

To register as a "user", you will have to provide us with the following information: name and surname, ID or VAT number, mobile phone number, email address, vehicle registration number, password, as well as your payment card details.

Once you make your reservation, we will send you a reservation confirmation email with a vehicle tracker number and pick-up information, including a security code and a "tracker" link to enable the meeting at the relevant terminal. A picture is included within the driver information so that you can identify them.

The driver must call to confirm the exact meeting point.

3.3. Collection of the vehicle

Your vehicle will be collected by the driver we identify in the information sent to your email, where we also indicate the place and time of collection. You must be on time at the stated location.

The driver will check that the reservation details match the details of the person delivering the vehicle and will request the security code that you are emailed in advance along with the vehicle collection information.

For safety reasons, the driver will check the vehicle by checking the mileage, fuel level and failure indicators on the vehicle's dashboard, in order to record the condition of the vehicle, and must take photographs of the vehicle for this purpose.

It is important that when you hand over your vehicle you check that you don’t leave any removable objects and/or accessories inside it (phones, removable baby seats and other belongings), as neither the Yay! management company nor Aena will be held responsible for the possible loss, theft or robbery of these objects during custody.

After this check, you must sign your vehicle collection agreement on a digital device or on a receipt pad, whichever is offered by the driver. You will receive an email confirming the collection of the vehicle, with the reservation tracker number and the security code, as well as all the details of the service and the documents generated (images of the vehicle check, delivery note, etc.). This email will be the proof for any possible incident.

3.4. Transfer of the vehicle to the car park

The driver will transfer the vehicle to the relevant parking area.

3.5. Custody of the vehicle

Please note that by accepting these Terms and Conditions of Engagement, you authorise Yay! or a third party designated by Yay! to take custody of your vehicle.

The custody will begin once the Driver picks up your vehicle to take it to the car park and ends when the vehicle is returned. During the custody, we will be able to perform the additional services you have previously engaged on the Platform.

We also keep the keys of your vehicle, having the necessary material and space to do so.

3.6. Return of the vehicle to the customer

To begin the process of returning the vehicle, you must request it through the website or the app in the "Reservations" section (approximately 30 minutes before). You may authorise another person to collect your vehicle.

As soon as we receive your request, we will email you the necessary information for the return of your vehicle. We ask you to be on time, as we cannot stay with the vehicle at the pick-up point for safety reasons for longer than necessary. If you arrive late, contact us so that we can deliver the vehicle as efficiently as possible.

When the vehicle is returned, the driver will ask you for the security code and the reservation tracker.

The driver will bring the photo log and vehicle information in case it is necessary, so that they can check with you that everything is correct. As the receiver of the vehicle, you will have to sign a document called “Proof of Handover", which will be sent to you by email.

To be able to return the vehicle and finalise the Service, the total amount of the booking must be paid in full. To do this, the Driver must undertake the payment process; there are three possible forms of payment:

  • Preferably the payment will be 100% automated according to the payment card you declared when providing your information.

  • As a second option, in case of incident with the first payment method, a physical POS (dataphone) will be used.

  • In the event that the two previous forms of payment are not possible, cash payment in euros will be accepted.

You should bear in mind that in order to collect your vehicle you will have to pay the full amount of the booking even if you collect your vehicle in advance; and, in the event that you exceed the time of your booking, the excess amount will be added to the cost of your booking, in accordance with the current rate in force.

Only in the event that you have made a multi-day booking and you miss the flight for reasons beyond your control, after payment, you can request a refund of the cost* of the unused days booked at

* Cost calculated in this case as the minimum booking period allowed (one day).

Once the payment has been made, the application will state that the service has been completed and the vehicle will be returned. You will then receive the payment confirmation email, together with the Proof of Handover, and the payment ticket. In addition, if you prefer, you may receive additional information and the satisfaction survey to improve the service.

Prior to the return of the vehicle, Yay! may place a courtesy gift inside the vehicle.

Yay! is responsible for managing your vehicle's access to the car park during the engaged service.

For operational reasons, Aena reserves the right to change these procedures and times described in these Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

3.7. Additional services

You may also request the provision of complementary services, which must be posted at all times on the Platform in order to be engaged. For information purposes only, as their engaging will depend on each airport and on whether they are posted on the Platform, the additional services on request are as follows:

  • Free additional services:

    • Battery jump start service.

    • Towing service within the province, in the event of vehicle failure.

  • Additional services at extra cost:

    • Mechanical workshop.

    • Vehicle washing.

    • ITV.

    • Complete wash, interior or exterior.

    • Refuelling.

    • Windscreen wipers.

    • Mobile tyre inflation service .

There is the possibility of adding additional services, based on the needs of customers and the operations of each airport. What is defined on the website at any given airport shall prevail. The engaging of these services must always be managed as part of the initial reservation process, not afterwards.

3.8. Cancellation of the service

If you wish to cancel your account as a user you must expressly communicate it to the customer service mailbox Once Yay! has verified that there are no active reservations, you will receive an email confirming that you are no longer a user.

As soon as you unsubscribe from the Platform, all features will cease to be available. However, you can request to re-register as a user at any time, but please note that if you unsubscribe, you will not be able to access your previous reservation data.

Yay! reserves the right to refuse to accept a new registration from a user in cases where the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Engagement and/or the Platform's Privacy Policy, as well as any additional rules of conduct that Yay! may approve, are contravened. Likewise, Yay! may refuse to accept such registration in the event of a dispute or controversy that has not yet been resolved or that has ended with the acknowledgement of fault or negligence of the User and/or prejudice Yay! to its collaborators and associates, or to its Users, customers or potential customers.

4. Use of the platform

By accessing the Platform, you are responsible for the proper use and browsing, using the Services offered on the Platform for legitimate and lawful purposes. By way of example, but not limitation, the following are prohibited:

  1. Using the Platform or the Services for unlawful purposes.

  2. Using the Platform for the purpose of causing damage, inefficiencies, interruptions or similar defects in the operability of the Platform or electronic structures of Yay! or any third party.

  3. Using the Platform to transmit malware, viruses or similar programmes or to post or disseminate content of an offensive, racist, denigrating or pornographic nature that could cause discomfort to persons.

  4. Using the Platform to the detriment of Aena's interests.

  5. Registering on the Platform under a false identity.

  6. Using the Platform for advertising purposes, such as sending spam or in other similar ways.

  7. Breaching the security measures established by Aena.

  8. Carrying out actions that tend to saturate the programme, thus impairing the proper operating of the Platform; and in any case.

  9. Using the Platform in an unlawful manner.

In the event that we find ourselves in any of the situations listed in the previous section, Aena as owner of Yay!, reserves the right to implement the measures it deems appropriate.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Aena, as owner of the Yay! Brand and the Platform, grants the User a limited, non-transferable, revocable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive licence to access and use the Platform on the User's personal device. Any rights not expressly granted are reserved by Aena as owner of Yay!

The User or any third party shall be restricted from carrying out the following actions:

  1. Reproduce, change, prepare derivative works, distribute, license or exploit in any way the Platform or the Services, when not expressly permitted by Aena.

  2. Decompile or reverse engineer the Platform.

  3. Link to, mirror or frame any part of the Services.

  4. Deploy or launch any kind of programme to carry out any action regarding data mining or actions aimed at damaging the operability and operation of the Platform; or

  5. remove, modify or any similar action aimed at altering Aena's copyright on its trademark, its Platform or its Services.

In any case, the intellectual and industrial property rights over the Services and the Platform shall be of Aena. Neither the use of the Platform nor the acceptance of the Services implies the transfer or granting of any rights:

  1. In connection with the Services, other than the licence referred to above; or

  2. to use or mention in any way company names, logos, product and service names, trademarks or other elements of a similar nature, except in cases in which Aena expressly grants them.

6. Payment and billing

As stated in section 3.6. Return of the vehicle to the customer, once you have paid for the service, we will send you an email confirming said payment, together with the proof of handover and the payment receipt. And if you request an invoice, we can send it to you within approximately 24 hours.

First, you will pay with the card you provided us with when you made your reservation. Payment will be effective when we receive confirmation from the Platform's Payment Gateway, in the event that the transaction is not completed, it will be cancelled, informing you of what happened, and you can make the payment with physical POS or in cash.

In the event that you overstay your reservation, the cost of the overstay will be added to the cost of your reservation, according to the rate in force.

7. Electronic engagement

In accordance with the provisions of article 23 of Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce, contracts entered into electronically shall produce all the effects provided for by the legal system, when consent and the other requirements necessary for their validity are met.

In any case, the electronic medium containing these Terms and Conditions of Engagement concluded electronically shall be admissible as documentary evidence in the event of a dispute between the parties.

For these purposes, it shall be understood that the completion of all the phases of the purchasing process and, if applicable, the payment of the corresponding amount, necessarily imply the provision of the consent required for the engagement.

Moreover, and in accordance with the provisions of article 27 of Act 34/2002, on information society services and electronic commerce, all information regarding the engagement procedure is made available to Users prior to the start of the engagement procedure, which will only be applicable in the event that the User decides to proceed with the engagement on the Platform.

8. Customer service

You have access to our Customer Service Department, in order to attend to all queries, complaints and suggestions in relation to the engagement of the services of Yay!

The contact method made available to Users is:, as well as the phone number provided in the contact area–different for each airport, where we will respond to you just as soon as we can.

9. Liabilities

The parties undertake to comply with their legal and contractual obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

The parties shall be liable for their personal breaches and shall indemnify the other party against any error, fault or negligence not attributable to the latter, and for any damage resulting from such breaches or errors not attributable to the other party.

Aena, as owner of the Yay! brand and Platform, is configured as a provider of information society services, with the relevant limitations of liability that this entails.

As the owner of the vehicle, you guarantee that during the term of the Service you have taken out a policy covering compulsory civil liability in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 8/2004, of 29 October, which approves the Act on Civil Liability and insurance in the circulation of motor vehicles, and Royal Decree 1507/2008, of 12 September, which approves the Regulation of compulsory civil liability insurance in the circulation of motor vehicles, with all liabilities that may arise from the breach of this obligation falling exclusively on the owner of the vehicle, and Yay! shall be exonerated from any action or claim derived from third parties as a result of non-compliance with this obligation.

Yay! has a General Civil Liability Policy with an insurance company that covers civil liability for damage, theft or destruction of motor vehicles that are in its possession during custody. Said policy excludes objects or goods deposited inside the vehicles, factory defects, defective repairs or hidden, inappreciable damage due to lack of care in the conservation of the vehicle. Only repairs for damage actually caused to the entrusted vehicle at the time of return of the vehicle will be considered. For this reason, we recommend that before handing over the vehicle to us, you remove all non-fixed objects that may be found inside the vehicle, as these objects are not protected by the aforementioned policy.

If when collecting the vehicle you detect damage that did not exist at the time of delivery, you must formalise an accident report before collecting your vehicle.

The deductibles applicable to the guarantees covered will be assumed by Yay! when it is proven that the loss, theft, material or physical damage results from negligence, infringement or voluntary non-compliance with the rules governing the activities of the object of the Insurance.

Given the high concentration of electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies in the area of influence of airports and stations, please note the possibility of these waves interfering with the electrical systems of your vehicle, such as alarms, radars, GPS systems, remote opening systems, etc. Therefore, Yay! declines all responsibility as this is an incident totally beyond its control.

Yay! reserves the right to hold clients accountable and liable for any improper use of the Platform or for any failure to comply with the rules set out in the general terms and conditions.

You will be solely liable in the event that someone uses the Platform in a defective, partial or erroneous manner, in your name or on your behalf, using your password or even the security code provided by Yay! to carry out the engaged service. Yay! reserves the right to cancel user’s access keys that are misused under the terms and conditions provided for here.

Yay! shall not be responsible or liable for any interruption, inaccessibility or failure of any kind which the system's operations may experience, as a result of possible occurrences in any of the telecommunication or other accessory services outside this organisation and necessary for its functioning.

10. Confidentiality and Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and guaranteeing digital rights, all personal data provided during the use of the Platform will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Yay Privacy Policy, which all Users are required to expressly accept in order to use and register in the system.

11. Duration and Amendments

Yay! may terminate the agreement when it detects unauthorised, or allegedly unauthorised, use of the Service offered, whether for breach of these Terms and Conditions of Engagement or for any other objective reason. If Yay! exercises this power, it shall not assume any obligation or liability, nor shall it refund to the User any amounts previously paid.

For its part, the User may terminate these Terms and Conditions of Engagement at any time by unsubscribing from the Platform. However, any obligations that may remain in force after the termination will continue to bind both parties as stipulated.

Yay! reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions of Engagement, notifying users, a requirement which the parties expressly agree is understood to be fulfilled with the posting of the changes on the Platform or through any other Yay! communication means We recommend that you consult these Terms and Conditions of Engagement from time to time, as they may be subject to change.

You will be deemed to have expressly accepted such modifications or updates if you make a new reservation through the Platform. If accepted, the modification and entry into force of the new contract will fully replace the previous conditions to take effect for new reservations made from the date of acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

12. Safeguard clause

All clauses or terms of these Terms and Conditions of Engagement must be interpreted independently and autonomously, and the rest of the stipulations shall not be affected in the event that one of them has been declared null and void by a court ruling or final arbitration decision. The clause or clauses involved shall be replaced by one or more other clauses that preserve the intended effects of the Platform Terms and Conditions.

13. Dispute Resolution

The regulations in force shall determine the laws that shall govern and the jurisdiction that shall be responsible for the relationship between Yay! and the Users. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in cases in which current legislation foresees the possibility for the parties to submit to a specific jurisdiction, Yay! and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to, submit to Spanish legislation and to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.

14. Traffic fines

From the moment the vehicle is handed over to the driver until it is returned to the user, Yay! is responsible for possible incidents occurring to the vehicle (speeding fines, parking fines, etc.) and penalties that may fall on the User as the owner of the vehicle and that are a result of the malpractice of Yay! employees or third parties engaged for this purpose.

Yay! will accept the payment and resolution of such traffic/parking sanctions, but will not accept the costs of delay for not notifying it in the established period as well as the total cost thereof for not notifying it during the 20 calendar days allowed for payment with reduction. In either of the two cases mentioned above, Yay! will only bear the cost of the reduced amount of the penalty.

15. Identification

The website and the phone app are the property of Aena S.M.E., S.A. (hereinafter "Aena"), owner of the parking service of the airport network. Aena is its own legal person, separate from that of the State, full legal capacity and capacity to act for the fulfilment of its purposes, and its own assets. Aena is listed in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 28,806, Folio 211, Section 8, Sheet M-51864

Aena information:

Address: Peonías, 12 28042 Madrid.

C.I.F: A86212420

You can get in touch with Yay! through the customer service mailbox or by ringing the number provided in the contact area. This number varies by airport.

Last updated: 27/02/2024